Your Positive Potential

Don't Pick at That Scab!

(book excerpt, page 13)

I heard saying years ago on public television that goes something like this: "It’s not the snake bite that kills you, it’s the venom that circulates through your bloodstream.” The bite itself is simply a tear in the skin.  The venom that circulates through the person is the cause of the fatal damage.  And anger that transforms into resentment can be such venom.

As adults we have the potential to change the results if we have the willingness to change them.  It’s a fact of life that wounds happen without our permission, scars result from those wounds, and how those scars are perceived determines our peace with ourselves.

If you were an active kid like I was (and most of us were), then you have scars, and some of those scars are deeper than others, and some are wider than others.  You most likely know exactly where they are and how they got there; you may even tell your story with details about how those scars came to be on you... Continued on
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